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Why You Need ModSecurity Rules

From Comodo

Comodo Antivirus Labs

comodo antivirus labs

The only free ModSecurity rules that come from a company with an internationally renowned antivirus lab. We see threats at every level worldwide and are dedicated to turning that knowledge into security solutions for you.

ModSecurity Rules

categorization of rules

The only free ModSecurity rules that allows categorization of rules, using patent pending technologies. You only run rules you need, rather than waste valuable CPU cycles looking through unnecessary rules.

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superior performance

For the security provided you get the best system performance of any 3rd party rules supplier, including from those that charge a substantial subscription fee.

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free technical support

Comodo engineers and security experts are at your disposal 24/7 worldwide.

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Updated at lightning speed

Rules updates are fast, frequent and easily maintained.

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Nonstop Innovation

Comodo is dedicated to continually improving and enhancing your security.

Comodo ModSecurity rules are framed after a real-time observation of protecting over 75 million computers, more than 750,000 websites, and securing millions of e-commerce website customers worldwide.

Our free ruleset is updated regularly by our team of security professionals who are fighting a never-ending battle to keep pace with the ever-changing threat environment. A Web Application Firewall (WAF) holds up the ModSecurity rules. The Comodo Web Application Firewall (CWAF) offers:

System Requirements

Your free Comodo Rules are configured and managed via our online interface
and only requires that they are downloaded to your web-server

  • » Apache web server v.2.2 and upward
    (Nginx and Lightspeed web servers also supported)
  • » Linux server platform
  • » 10 MB free space
    (to download free ModSecurity rule sets)
  • Optional: 2 MB free space for client installation

Why do you need a WAF?

Online enterprises are efficiently controlled by web applications. Online stores, payment gateways, dynamic content, web-mail and social media, banking transactions, etc. are controlled and managed by web application tools. Security data breaches lead to destruction and downfall of websites leading to loss of corporate financial data and sensitive personal information of the customers.

A WAF is focused chiefly in implementing ModSecurity rules and prompting on the intended updates regularly in response to the change in threat behaviors.

WAF and websites should be highly protected against online malicious threats and attacks. CWAF ensures effective protection of websites and applications that are running on Linux- and Apache-based web servers.

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